Arun Karthik N

Arun Karthik N

Managing Director

10 years
Countries Worked
An acknowledged architect among the design fraternity, he has won national level design competitions and also holds visitor professorship in various architectural universities in Chennai. He is also associated with CEPT University, Ahmedabad for its research activities in building energy analysis and thermal comfort studies. Arun is a registered architect and a member of Council of Architects and the Indian Institute of Architects.

Leading the firm, with strong environmental values & policies that are actively sought to be incorporated in the projects created, Arun started his career with Architect Nimish Patel, Ahmedabad. During his internship, his interests grew in the field of building science related to Vernacular Indian Architecture and Intuitive Green Design Methods. Contemporary and modern in design approach, his design efforts focus in space and material efficiency, minimizing resource consumption and running costs, while not compromising on the visual elegance of the projects. With wide knowledge base in various spectrum of architecture and design, he has held the national championship in architecture quizzing in the prestigious event of Archumen 2008.

Winning 2 national level design competitions by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) and by Water Portal, Arun derives his inspirations from natures working methodologies. His dissertation on Bio-mimicry in Architecture stands as a testimonial for the same. With inputs from Malaysian Architect Dr. Ken Yeang, he went on pursuing Bio-Climatic Skyscrapers for his architectural thesis and envisions using his knowledge in his professional practice.

Active member of many social groups such as the Chennai Trekking Club and HugsIndia, Arun plays Chess for leisure and participates in treks for adventure. A travel freak and a willing host, he is an active member of the International Couch Surfers groups. A recent example for his passion for adventure is his solo cycle trip from Bangalore to Chennai in 3 days.

Off-late his interests have evolved over to creating sustainable business units catering to various public needs, through his entrepreneurial skills supported by his flair for web-designing and application development, not restricting himself to Architecture or Interior Design works alone.